Enter as a Caterpilar and Exit as a Butterfly



Dr. Wanda Taylor, President and CEO

Mentoring All Americans for Leadership (MAAFL) is a not for profit  501(c)(3) incorporated  in 2005 by Dr. Wanda Taylor, Founder, President and CEO.  Its mission is to provide a quality Leadership Program to individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged, with a focus on at-risk youth, individuals who have chronic illnesses, homeless victims, domestic violence victims and individuals who are in transition.  

The Career Development Leadership Program

MAAFL's purpose is to offer The Career Development Leadership Program in five components, life-skills, career readiness, college readiness, small business administration, and mentoring. 1) Life-skills increases one's self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-motivation. 2) Career Readiness teaches resume writing, business etiquette, and job skills. 3) College readiness prepares high school seniors for life after high-school and enrollment procedures; 4) Small Business Management teaches minorities the skills they need to open and operate their own small business; 5) and mentoring is provided in groups and one-on-one in all areas of leadership. MAAFL's vision is to "transform ordinary individuals into leaders - first, leaders of their own lives and then, leaders of others 


  In 2017, MAAFL has provided the following: 1) 351 individuals one-on-one mentoring services which include the following: Unemployment benefits assistance, DES/AHCCCS Benefits, Employment Readiness, College Readiness, and Small Business Administration; 2) Three major events: Easter Drive, Back-pack Drive and Holiday Drive (to be concluded on 12/16/2017); and 3) recently, MAAFL has become a grant-writer for other struggling nonprofits.  

Professional Trainers

 Dr. Taylor, who has taught Business Management at the South Mountain Community College as we as the Western International University, is the Training Director for the Career Development Leadership Program and the primary trainer of the MAAFL workshops. The workshops are usually run through collaborations with other non-profit organizations; MAAFL conducted self-esteem leadership workshops at UMOM New Day Centers (a shelter for homeless families) in 2015; as well as classes at the City of Phoenix Housing Department (youth, ages 12 - 21). Some past collaborators have been CASS Homeless Shelter in 2006; Fresh Start Women Resource Center (women in transition) in 2007 - 2008; US Vets-Phoenix (homeless men and women veterans) in 2009; South Mountain YMCA and South Mountain High School (teens, ages 12-18) in 2008 – 2010; and United Way Firestar (jobless individuals) in 2014.



MAAFL was inspired from a book Dr. Wanda Taylor wrote, "Mentoring African Women for Leadership" (2004). In the book she wrote the program that she now teaches, "The Career Development Leadership Program."  In the last lines of the book, Dr. Taylor leaves her readers with the following message:  "As you climb your mountain - mentor or coach other along the way;  for what good is it to climb your own mountain alone, only to reach the top and proclaim in one small voice "I Made it!" Why not mentor or coach others and lift them as you climb.  Then when you reach the top, many voices can be heard, screaming "WE MADE IT!" (Henderson-Taylor, 2004)  

Mentoring for Leadership, LLC

This business is attached to tMAAFL and provide the following services: Small business incorporations, grant writing workshops, grant writing for struggling non profits, college tutoring, consulting/mentoring services, and Notary Service.